Over 3.5 Goals Predictions



The 'Over' goals market is one of the simplest yet most intriguing betting options available.

It's straightforward in its premise: you're betting on how many goals in total will be scored in a match.

Instead of predicting the exact number, you predict a range. For instance, an 'Over 3.5' bet wins if four or more goals are scored, irrespective of which team nets them.

Given that fewer matches see such a high number of goals, the odds for Over 3.5 goals are often more generous than the lower 'Over' markets.


The Over 3.5 Goals market represents an enticing blend of risk and reward. With a game requiring at least four goals to be a winning bet, the odds can be tempting.

However, understanding the landscape of each league can be the key to unlocking potential success in this market.

Generally, odds for Over 3.5 goals can vary from 3/1, stretching to 25/1 or even more at times.

Bookmakers are savvy; they don't just give away money. Such enticing odds mirror the inherent risk to the bettor.

While it's uncommon for matches to exceed 3.5 goals, certain teams and leagues consistently defy these odds and deliver goal-fests.

For the 22/23 season, leagues like the Bundesliga, Dutch Eredivisie, and Premier League have emerged as hotspots for such high-scoring encounters.

In the following sections, we'll delve deeper into these goal-rich leagues and teams.



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the Over 3.5 goal statistics across different leagues unveils some captivating trends and patterns.

Using the data from the 2022/23 season as our focal point, we can discern some distinct tendencies that not only illuminate the past season but could also potentially shed light on the current one.

While we draw insights from the previous season's stats, it's essential to recognize that these patterns often permeate into the ongoing season. For those keen on staying updated with the most recent figures, SoccerStats.com is a valuable resource that provides real-time statistics.


The Bundesliga, with its exhilarating brand of football, often produces matches that are a goal-fest. For bettors inclined towards the Over 3.5 goals market, understanding which teams consistently deliver in this domain is invaluable. Using the 2022/23 season as our guide, let's delve into the teams that made waves in this high-octane goal market.

Borussia Dortmund: In a league known for its offensive flair, Dortmund stood out with a whopping 50% of their matches ending with over 3.5 goals. Their aggressive playstyle and attacking prowess make them a bettor's favorite in this market.

Borussia Mönchengladbach: Mönchengladbach wasn't far behind Dortmund. With 47% of their games featuring more than 3.5 goals, they too offered considerable promise for those seeking high-scoring encounters.

Bayern Munich: The Bavarian giants, synonymous with dominance in German football, saw 47% of their matches go beyond the 3.5 goal mark. Their relentless attacking football often translates into goal-laden fixtures.

Hoffenheim: At 41%, Hoffenheim's matches proved fertile ground for the Over 3.5 goals market. Their fixtures often oscillate between tactical battles and outright goal frenzies.

Bayer Leverkusen: Matching Hoffenheim's 41%, Leverkusen's attacking dynamics, especially against defensively weaker sides, have resulted in numerous high-scoring games.

The Bundesliga, with its goal-rich environment, provides an enticing platform for Over 3.5 goals market enthusiasts.

Teams like Dortmund, Monchengladbach, and Bayern Munich, among others, have showcased a penchant for high-scoring fixtures, further solidifying the league's reputation as a haven for goal aficionados.

As the data from the 2022/23 season reveals, smart betting, backed by insightful analysis, can yield fruitful opportunities in this league.



In the German League, an average of 37.9% of matches ended Over 3.5

Dortmund had the highest stats, with 50% of their games ending Over 3.5 goals.



Dortmund led the Bundesliga in 22/23 with 50% of their games ending over 3.5 goals.



The M'Gladbach finished the 22/23 campaign with 47% of their matches finishing over 3.5 goals.

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The Dutch Eredivisie has long been a bastion of attacking football, serving up a spectacle of goals and electrifying play. For those casting an eye towards the Over 3.5 goals betting market, it's a league that frequently delivers on the promise of high-scoring affairs. Let's explore which teams were at the forefront of this goal bonanza during the 2022/23 season.

Ajax Amsterdam: A powerhouse not just in the Netherlands but across Europe, Ajax's attacking flair was on full display with 59% of their matches ending with Over 3.5 goals. Their blend of youth and experience, combined with a historical commitment to offensive play, made them a beacon in this market.

RKC Waalwijk: Not always the most prominent name in Dutch football, RKC Waalwijk made waves with their goal output. A commendable 56% of their fixtures saw more than 3.5 goals, making them an unexpected but welcome entrant in the high-scoring match list.

PSV Eindhoven: Another giant of the Dutch game, PSV's commitment to forward-thinking football resulted in 50% of their matches breaching the 3.5 goal line. Their roster, brimming with attacking talent, constantly posed a threat to opposition defenses.

Sparta: A more reserved approach saw Sparta's matches yield Over 3.5 goals in 44% of fixtures. Yet, they provided ample opportunities for punters in this market, thanks to some memorable high-scoring games.

FC Emmen: Despite not having the historical heft of some other names on this list, FC Emmen exhibited a knack for being involved in goal-heavy games, with 41% of their matches crossing the 3.5 goal threshold.

Vitesse Arnhem: Rounding out the list, Vitesse, with their balanced play, had 38% of their matches conclude with more than 3.5 goals, underpinning the league's overarching penchant for attacking play.

In summation, the Eredivisie, with its diverse range of teams contributing to the goal tally, stands as a lucrative avenue for Over 3.5 goal market enthusiasts. As evident from the 2022/23 data, the league's mixture of established giants and emerging teams all play a part in making it a hotspot for goal-seekers.

Eredivisie Logo


In the Dutch League, an average of 38.6% games finished Over 3.5

Ajax Amsterdam had the highest stats, with 59% of their matches ending Over 3.5 goals.



Ajax Amsterdam, a cornerstone of Dutch football, showcased their attacking prowess in the 2022/23 season, with a remarkable 59% of their matches finishing with Over 3.5 goals.



RKC Waalwijk, often an underdog in the Eredivisie, surprised many in the 2022/23 season by having 56% of their games end with Over 3.5 goals, underlining their potential for high-scoring encounters.

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The Premier League, lauded globally for its competitive spirit and diverse talent pool, often serves up a cascade of goals.

For punters eyeing the Over 3.5 goals betting niche, this league provides a mix of certainties and surprises. Delving into the 2022/23 season, let's spotlight the teams that have been at the vanguard of high-scoring fixtures.

Arsenal: The Gunners displayed a commendable attacking verve, with 53% of their games concluding with Over 3.5 goals. This, combined with their storied history, saw them as a frequent choice for goal-seeking punters.

Tottenham: Spurs, never far from the limelight, registered 47% of their matches in the Over 3.5 goal category. Their dynamic style of play and marquee players often translated into goal-rich encounters.

Brighton: In what may come as a surprise to some, Brighton had 45% of their games end with Over 3.5 goals. Their progressive playstyle underpins this impressive stat, making them a dark horse in this market.

Leeds United: Renowned for their high-energy football, Leeds United mirrored Brighton's stats with 45% of their matches witnessing more than 3.5 goals, reinforcing their reputation as one of the league's most entertaining sides.

Manchester City: Despite their dominance in possession and play, the Citizens had 42% of their games cross the 3.5 goal line. Their intricate play often resulted in a flurry of goals, especially in big matches.

Liverpool: The Merseyside giants, with their famed attacking trio, saw 37% of their matches end with Over 3.5 goals. Their relentless attacking football, combined with moments of defensive vulnerability, made them a staple in this market.

In wrapping up, the Premier League's 2022/23 season underscored its status as a hotbed for goals. From traditional top sides to emerging teams, the league's diversity ensures a plethora of opportunities for those venturing into the Over 3.5 goals market.

Premier League


In the EPL, an average of 31.8% games finished Over 3.5

Arsenal had the highest stats, with 53% of their matches ending Over 3.5 goals.



Arsenal, during the 2022/23 Premier League season, showcased an impressive attacking flair, with a notable 53% of their fixtures seeing more than 3.5 goals scored.



Tottenham, in the 2022/23 Premier League campaign, demonstrated their goal-scoring prowess with 47% of their matches culminating in Over 3.5 goals.

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Is it advisable to combine Over 3.5 goals with other bet types in an accumulator?

While it can increase potential returns, it also amplifies the risk. Bettors should be cautious and ensure each selection in the accumulator is well-researched.

How does the Over 3.5 goals market compare in terms of risk and reward to the Over 2.5 goals market?

The Over 3.5 market naturally carries more risk since it requires at least 4 goals in a match. However, the odds are often more attractive compared to the Over 2.5 goals market.

How often do games with a scoreless first half end up with Over 3.5 goals?

Typically, if the first half is goalless, teams might adopt a more cautious approach to secure at least a point, especially in league games.

However, if one side scores early in the second half, it could open the floodgates as the other team pushes for an equalizer, potentially leading to more goals.

In knockout competitions, where aggregate scores matter, a scoreless first half might still see an explosion of goals later, especially if the tie is evenly poised.

How likely are derby games to be high-scoring encounters?

Derbies, given their emotionally charged nature, can either be cagey affairs or open games full of goals.

Taking a glance at the recent fixtures between Manchester United and Manchester City, out of the 20 games listed, 3 of them witnessed a combined goal tally of 4 or more. Specifically, the encounters with results 6-3, 4-1, and 2-3 all exceeded the 3.5 goal mark. This gives a ratio of 15% of their recent head-to-head matches being high-scoring.

Should I 'Cash Out' my Over 3.5 goals bet?

Whether to 'Cash Out' on an Over 3.5 goals bet largely depends on the in-game scenario and your betting strategy.

If there have already been 3 goals, and you believe there's a significant chance of another goal being scored, you might hold onto the bet.

Conversely, if the game seems to have slowed down or if teams adopt a defensive stance, you might consider cashing out to secure a portion of your potential winnings. Also, evaluate factors like time remaining, team tactics, any red cards, and key player substitutions.

Remember, 'Cash Out' offers a compromise: you might not maximize your profit, but you mitigate potential loss.



So, where's the best place to bet on Over 3.5 goals? The landscape of betting is vast and varied, but the right platform can make all the difference.

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Stats for the 2022/2023 Seasons

Eredivisie Logo


In the Dutch League, an average of 38.6% games finished Over 3.5

Ajax Amsterdam had the highest stats, with 59% of their matches ending Over 3.5 goals.



In the German League, an average of 37.9% of matches ended Over 3.5

Dortmund had the highest stats, with 50% of their games ending Over 3.5 goals.

Premier League


In the EPL, an average of 31.8% games finished Over 3.5

Arsenal had the highest stats, with 53% of their matches ending Over 3.5 goals.

SuperLig Over Goals


In the top Turkish League, an average of 33.6% of games finished Over 3.5

Alanyaspor and F. Karagumruk botj ended the season with 53% of their games Over 3.5 goals.

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