The fight for the top four in the Premier League has never been more competitive than it is this season, but who are the favorites to get Champions League football?

Historically, the top four has been a fight between the big six. But Leicester have started knocking on the door and even West Ham was in with a shout last season.

Last season, the top 4 was comprised of Man City, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United with Leicester missing out on the final day. This year though there will be 8 teams who fancy their chance of finishing in the top four.

Entering the Champions League is a big deal for any team. If you spend successive seasons outside of it, you may struggle to attract top talent, as well as generate less revenue. If one of the ‘lessers’ clubs manages to force their way in, it can really help them kick on for future seasons.

Chelsea and Man City had fantastic seasons last year, with Tuchel’s side winning the Champions League and Pep’s the Premier League. We think both of these are certs to get a place in the top four, so we’re going to look at the other sides in contention.

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Premier League Top 4 Odds – Top 4 Finish Predictions 21/22

Liverpool – 1/40

It took until the final day of last season for Liverpool to confirm their place in the top four. This season, however, this should be the least of their worries and they should be aiming to take back the title from Man City. They have been into the transfer market already signing Ibrahim Konate who will provide more cover at centre-back. Their full-strength squad is capable of winning the league and they should be ending the season at least inside a Champions League spot. They are currently the favourites in the betting odds.

Man United – 8/13

Like Liverpool, Manchester United brought in a few new players this year to strengthen themselves. Recent signings like Jadon Sancho, Raphael Varane and Cristiano Ronaldo are ones that improve the chances of challenging for the title. With these two newcomers including United’s squad of players, they should comfortably get into at least European competition.

However, we have seen many times before Man Utd fall under expectations and currently, they are doing exactly that. They have won just one of their last four Premier League games, losing one of them 5-0 to Liverpool at Old Trafford. Pressure is on Solskjaer who looks like he will soon be replaced.

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Arsenal – 9/2

The Gunners had a tough time last season, finishing eighth in the table. This was Arteta’s second full season as head coach and we think Arsenal could do much better this year. There are some promising young players coming through but they need to sign more established players if they want to get into the top four in the league. Arsenal have started the season poorly with two losses in two games and with City and Spurs in their next three, it could get worse!

Tottenham – 6/1

The only “Big Six” club coming into the new season with a new coach is Tottenham, as they hired ex-Wolves manager Nuno Espirito Santo. This might not work in their favour trying to make it back into the top four since he hasn’t managed at any club as big or taken one to the Champions League before. Harry Kane has now committed his future to the club, for this summer at least. This is huge for Spurs and a full firing Kane is capable of getting Spurs into the top four.

Leicester – 9/1

Leicester City are a club capable of competing for top-four finishes, but they have missed out on this spot on the last day of the season for two consecutive years now. With the right investment to strengthen their squad, Leicester can be contending for the top four next season. They have a good manager in Brendan Rodgers who will have learnt a lot from the last two seasons.

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