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In the Summer of 2017, Borussia Dortmund sold their most exciting talent for a fee of £105 million. It was the Catalonian giants who desired the services of Frenchman, Ousmane Dembele. 

It was a straightforward business transaction for Barcelona, they had just sold Neymar to Paris Saint-Germain and Dembele had the ability to replace the Brazilian. However, in the primitive stage of his Barca career, he endured a hamstring injury which would rule him out for up to four months. Hamstrings at times can be nasty and the best way to heal it is pure rest.

Due to a lack of involvement in football, Dembele substituted it for the acquired taste of nightlife in Barcelona (reports claim). It didn’t take long for the Spanish press to notice his outings and they portrayed the 20-year-old at the time as an alcoholic. Realistically, he was new to the city and seen as he couldn’t socialise with his teammates in training, there was no harm in going out a bit. Eventually, the physios gave him an all-clear to feature in the squad, only to be injured again a week later vs Sevilla. An additional month was added to his recovery time but when Ousmane was finally fit, fans in the Camp Nou were delighted. A goal verse Chelsea in the Last 16 convinced fans that their new signing had what it takes to play for arguably the most prestigious club in the world. During 38 appearances for the Spanish Champions, Dembele has scored ten goals. The same amount he left Dortmund with after 50 appearances.

The controversy settled down… until last week where Dembele made front-page news in Spain. He allegedly skipped two training sessions without permission and as a result has been dropped from the squad. Barcelona isn’t a club that demonstrates patience with disobedient players in the past, and Dembele’s time could be coming to a premature close in La Liga.

Which leads us to the question, where will Dembele play his football? There have been some strong hints that Merseyside could be the youngsters new home as Jurgen Klopp searches for the signing which could edge Liverpool’s title charge. Both descendants of Dortmund have a bit of chemistry and Klopp publicly admires the winger’s talent. £85 million for a player like Dembele is a bargain nowadays. Liverpool would be perfect for Dembele and he could be in the Premier League before the end of January. Liverpool are not the only club showing interest in Dembele, check Bet365 to see who else is in search for his signature.

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