Former Manchester United & Spurs striker, Dimitar Berbatov is most known for his unorthodox finishing, great spacial awareness and his connection with the Bulgarian Mafia? 

Behind the silverware and celebrations, Dimitar’s rise to fame in football wasn’t all glory. When the forward first made a name for himself in Bulgaria, the head of the Mafia wanted him to sign for his team, Levski. Berbatov refused and years later when Dimitar joined for Manchester United, the Mafia came calling again. However, this time it wasn’t Berbatov’s signature they wanted, but his wife and child. The gang demanded over half of a million in cash and until they received it, his family was in danger.

Berbatov didn’t contact any authorities and even called the Mafia up himself. The Premier League star never opened up about the incidents and fortunately for his career, it never affected his performances on the pitch.