Mexican Referee Gets In The Way – Stops Team Scoring

Ref Blocks Shot

A match official accidentally blocked a goalbound effort which stopped the Mexican team from scoring. Cruz Azul were deprived of a surefire goal when Referee Oscar Macias Romo blocked a shot from Jonathan Rodriguez.

The home side were furious at the incident which happened in the first half of their match against Toluca. However, Cruz Azul eventually won game 3-2, which spared the referee’s blushes.

As many football fans will already know, the referee is deemed as part of the field of play. For all intents and purposes, hitting the ball against the Ref is the same as hitting the ball against the post or another player. The game continues even if the referee gets in the way.

In rare circumstances, a referee can actually score a legitimate goal. Below you can watch a Dutch official score during a recent 4th division game.