Luis Suarez Bite Tattoo

suarez tattoo

A number of fans have been spotted on social media sporting Luis Suarez ‘bite’ tattoos. The first one, and certainly the best came from instagram user DannyK. The Liverpool fan posted a picture of his new ‘Suarez was ere’ tattoo with realistic bite marks above the wording. However, Danny wasn’t the only person to have the idea. Shortly after a photo was posted on Twitter showing another fan with a similar tat, unfortunately the owner of the new tattoo didn’t bother to check the spelling of  ‘Suarez’ and now has a tattoo that reads ‘Saurez was ere’. In fact both tattoos are technically wrong, surely the correct spelling is ‘Suárez’ with the accent over the á. We’ll forgive Liverpool fan Danny for not knowing the complexities of the Spanish language.

How both fans feel about their tattoos now the Liverpool hitman has completed his move to Barcelona is uncertain. Many fans believe the bite incident was engineered by the Uruguayan striker to expedite his transfer to the Catalan club. One thing is certain, this is unlikely to be the last time Suarez finds himself in trouble.