Little Boy Does Amazing Water Bottle Trick Challenge

Football-mad Jack Thomson managed to flip-up his Fruit Shoot drink off his ball on the first try

A little chap has been melting hearts across the internet with his adorable reaction to landing an incredible water bottle challenge trick shot.

Football-mad Jack Thomson, 5, balanced a Fruit Shoot drink on top of his ball before kicking it away – and amazingly getting the flipped bottle to land the right way up.

Delighted and astounded by the move Jack then charges around his living room dabbing and skidding as he celebrates.

Proud dad Mark Thomson uploaded footage of his son’s crowning moment onto social media – making Jack an internet sensation.

Dad-of-one Mark, of Kelty, Fife, said: “We have seen the bottle flip everywhere and Jack was doing it in the house but he was struggling so I told him to try it with the football.

“As soon as he tried it with the ball he just did it – the first time.