Bitch On The Pitch! 6 Incredible Female Football Fights

female football fights

Conventional wisdom has it that women are considered the fairer sex, elegant, demure and thoroughly less oafish than your typical grunting male. Obviously these female footballers choose to ignore that stereotype!

Below you can view 6 of the most incredible female football fights ever captured on video. These ‘ladies’ really do know how to mix it up! Watch as these bitches on the pitches get down and dirty just like the men. In fact, the aggression levels displayed by these women exceeds anything you’ll see in the men’s game.

1. Ponytailgate

Players from the University of Oregon and Oklahoma State don’t seem to have much time for the notion of sisterhood. Instead, the two sets of players seem happy to wage a campaign of continual violence and harassment which easily rivals anything you’d witness during derby games in Milan or Manchester – including an epic ponytail takedown from one female player! To be fair just as many blokes are now sporting ponytails, so it can’t be long until we see a similar incident during a men’s game.

2. SuperClasico Rumble

The derby game between Argentine clubs Boca Juniors and River Plate is considered one of the biggest fixtures in football. According to the stats, the two teams commandeer more than 70% of all Argentine football fans between them. So it’s no surprise that the female fixture between these two massive clubs has the same level of intensity as the men’s match. The game starts with the two sets of players shaking hands but soon descends into a flurry of leg-breaking tackles and flying elbows. Women say childbirth is the worse pain anyone can experience, having witnessed these tackles – I doubt that’s true!

3. Low Blow

Giving an opponent a cheeky dig whilst the referee is looking the other way has always been a part of the game. However, this knee to the head really takes it to another level! I doubt even Real Madrid bad-boy Pepe would stoop that low – what am I talking about, he definitely would! He’d probably send this girl a signed shirt in appreciation.

4. High School Musical

Disney would have you believe that High School Girls spend most of their time singing love songs to Zac Efron – how wrong are they! This championship match ended with players trading punches rather than phone numbers! The fight then spills over from the pitch to the stand, as fans join in the fracas – Sing along… “You know the world can see us, In a way that’s different than who we are.”

5. Chat Shit – Get Banged

The saying goes… Chat Shit – Get Banged! These players decide to trade blows during a league match in France. Obviously you’d never see anything like this in the French men’s league. Frenchmen normally run a mile at the first sign of a fight – just ask the Germans!

6. Referee And Player Slug It Out

The final video shows a game between two African teams. The referee is about to issue a red card when the recipient unexpectedly throws a vicious right hook. The female referee narrowly misses being hit after displaying lightning reactions. Must be a tough town to grow up in, young ladies don’t learn to dodge punches like that in the Girl Guides!