Oh, Danish Friends

The Premier League’s leading comedian, Jamie Vardy is a well-known menace when it comes to banter in the locker room. It is good for team morale having a character like Vardy in the squad, but sometimes his teammates are on the receiving end of his wrath.

Footage from 2017 has resurfaced which shows Vardy winding up his Goalie Kasper Schmeichel and Danish international, Pierre-Emile Højbjerg. Vardy saw the two international teammates greeting one another in the tunnel and couldn’t help himself from quoting The Inbetweeners. ‘Oooh, Danish Friends’ said Vardy as all his teammates joined in the laughter. I can’t imagine all of the players in the tunnel were familiar with the quote, especially Van Dijk who looked perplexed. The Inbetweeners probably isn’t as popular in Holland so it’s understandable.

The thirty-two-year-old has a couple of seasons left in him and he will, without a doubt go down as a Leicester legend. There will be plenty of banter to come from Vardy in the coming years.