Crouch Onto The Couch

Former Liverpool & England striker, Peter Crouch appeared on the Jonathan Ross last week and he met an unexpected guest.

Crouch was known in football for his presence on the pitch, standing tall at 6’7 he was a hard man to defend against. The giants strongest attribute was his areial threat and out of his 108 Premier League goals,  40 off them came from his noggin. Crouch falls short of one inch from being the tallest Premiership player in the history of the division – click here to see the list.

When Jonathan Ross brought out his long guest he clarified that he was in fact, the tallest man in Britain. He was a total of one foot taller than Crouchy and you can really see it! Crouch was once asked ‘What would you be if you weren’t a footballer? Peter replied ‘a virgin.’