Ajax’s New Anthem

In Ajax’s pre-season tour, they found themselves in South Wales facing a newly promoted Cardiff City. Ajax didn’t just bring the experience from the fixture home to Amsterdam, they have ceased and captured a new anthem for fans. 

Clubs around Europe have some famous anthems, however, a Bob Marley track surpasses even the likes of YNWA. During half-time in Cardiff the song came on and Ajax fans all joined in to sing along. Since then at the Johan Cruyff Stadium Three Little Birds has been put on repeat. Supporters love their new pre-match ritual and the club even got the son of Bob Marley, Ky-Mani Marley on the pitch to perform.

We wonder how long the tune will stick around for, it has already made it to the Champions League Group Stages. Ajax swept aside AEK Athens 3-0 at home and hopefully, we can hear the Marley anthem further on in the competition.