Threw It All Away

Stuttgart took on Werder Breman at home this weekend in what proved to be an eventful fixture. 

Without a win so far in the season, the home team needed to capture all three points. Things were going to plan and Stuttgart was a goal up on their opponents with only half an hour of the game left. This is when the game took an unexpected turn. Stuttgart Left-Back took a throw-in from his own half in an attempt to pass it to his Keeper. What he failed to notice was his No.1 (Zieler) readjusting his socks.

All fans and players watched with fear & anticipation as the ball trickled towards the home goal. Nonetheless, Zieler finally noticed and looked partially ready to receive the ball. To everyone's disbelief in the Mercedes-Benz Arena, he miscontrolled the ball and it rolled into his own net. Keep an eye out for individual reactions on the field and in the stands, breaking them down is pretty funny.

Fortunately for Zieler his side managed to take the lead after scoring in the 75′ minute and Stuttgart got their first victory. He may think twice before pulling up his stockings next time.