Two-time world free styling champion Sean Garnier is out at it in public again. Humiliating people however he likes,  sometimes they are even clueless to it. In the sport of freestyling Sean is a big name, but you may not have heard of him. Like many freestylers, Sean plays Futsal which is a the same as football, but on a smaller scale, less players and far more skill.

It is a platform where you can show off your individual talents and instead of getting slandered for it, the more extravagant the skill, the more approval. It isn't all solo however, the team goals in Futsal between five players are astonishing. Some of the moves and set plays in the Futsal leagues truly take your breath away. The sport  has grown so much in certain countries, even legends like Ronaldinho and Kaka play. If you've never watched Futsal there are hundreds of games every week. Admire the players skill, just like in this clip of Sean off the pitch.