Premier League’s Secret Romance

After a goalless draw between West Ham and Manchester United in one off the closing games of the season. There was little to get excited about during the fixture. The most memorable highlight was the clash between France international, Paul Pogba and Mark Noble. It was a tedious match and emotions ran high towards the end of the ’90 minutes.

Immediately after a scuffle between Pogba and a select few from the West Ham squad. Captain Noble marched over and attempted to man handle the United Midfielder. Before the bust-up matured into anything else it was broken up by the Ref and surrounding players. Both men had little to say regarding the incident and even exchanged shirts at the end of the game. There was no bad blood between the sides and Jose Mourinho went as far to say they ‘looked in love.’ If you pause the clip at certain points, you can almost see the two Premier League Stars gazing into each others eyes.