Pogba Stepping Up

If you have viewed a Manchester United match recently, you may recognise the peculiar run up by Paul Pogba. The Manchester United star missed his penalty on the weekend, however, converted the rebound after Pickford couldn't direct the ball away. 

Manchester United won at home verse Everton which is crucial if they have any hope to be in the top four before Christmas. Goals from Pogba & a spectacular effort from Martial secured the three points. Pogba has received heavy criticism regarding his 28 step run-up and as most would have assumed, it hasn't bothered his ego.

Before heading to training yesterday morning, Pogba made a lighthearted joke about his run-up. He starts at his front door and then mimics his steps as he gets closer to his car. Paul will probably continue doing the run-up until he skies it into the Stretford End.