Keep The Bus Running, Boys!

Ahead of the 2018 World Cup, each national side now require a slogan on the side of their team bus. An attempt to boost morale and for the public to portray their patriotic nature. Of course there are a few cheesy ones, there was bound to be! Brazil opted for ‘A nation of soccer cleats.’ Whilst fellow South American’s Panama have gone for ‘More than a dream, more than a canal, Panama is here to play.'

The beauty behind the slogans is that fans have the honour of choosing them. FIFA believed this would be good for the world of football, to make the fans feel even more involved in the competition. What they didn't contemplate was the reaction English supporters would have to the novelty.

Within minutes of the news coming out regarding the slogans, social media blew up as English fans terrorised their team. It is unlikely that any of these entries will be on England’s coach, but here out a few personal favourites.

  • ‘This is a better Coach than Gareth Southgate.’
  • ‘If found return to Jose’
  • ‘Keep the engine running, we will be back in time for Dinner.’
  • ‘Watch the wheels fall off”