Jose’s Outbursts

Manchester United's victory over Crystal Palace on Monday night was an intense one, going two goals down with only forty minutes remaining. It would have been a big task to scrape a single point nevertheless, United did what they do best and recorded a crucial comeback in their league campaign.

During the game a decision clearly didn't go United's way and Manger Jose Mourinho had no problem about letting his feelings be known. His passion for the game is no secret, and it certainly hasn't died down with age. After his outburst of screaming at the ref, he rolled back the years to his playing days and absolutely booted a water bottle. The Strike was intentional however, when the object soared into the crowd he was very apologetic about the incident.

Moments after the savage water bottle attack, there was another occurrence on the field which Mourinho didn't like. The Portuguese Manager flew off his chair and swung his fist in rage. The momentum proved to be too much for the 55 year old as he sent himself hurdling to the ground. Being the joker that Jose is, he laughed it off of course. I couldn't imagine him laughing after the game if his side didn't pull back a 3-2 victory down in London.