Jose On 10 Toes

In recent weeks, Old Trafford has been especially cursed with its traffic flow. Going to any big match has its cost but to watch United comes at a higher price. Getting in can be a monumental hassle and trying to leave can resort you to sitting in your car for hours putting up with Robbie Savage on the radio.

An issue fans have tackled for years but it has now gotten that bad that now the first team is suffering. The Champions League fixtures are causing the most issues on the roads in Salford. The rush hour traffic mixed with the 76,000 fans heading into Trafford is a formula for disaster. Man United's home game verse Valencia in October kicked off late as a result to the team coach being stuck in traffic congestion.

Mourinho, a man not known for his patience stopped the coach and decided to leave his players and walk to the ground. Security offered a blanket of protection for the gaffer as he walked through swarms of United fans. Many of which were clueless to their manager strolling past the dodgy burger vans.

Following the Valencia match, United arrived late for their home defeat verse Juventus at the end of October. Jose is getting sick of it and he stated that if there is huge traffic again he will continue to walk from the hotel to the changing rooms. United face Young Boys at home tonight and if they get the three points, they will be ever so close to the knock out stages.