Fifa Street Is Back

Fifa 19 is releasing in September and to keep up with other game developers, there is a whole new load of features being added! EA created Ultimate Team, Pro Clubs and now they are bringing back Fifa Street but in the main game. When Fifa Street was first released in 2005, it was a gamer's favourite. It took away the intense element and football was like how you had a kick about with your mates.

Amongst the excitement for the new feature, there is another brand new game mode. It is basically like the last man standing. each time you concede a goal, you lose a player. That could get exciting as the list of five-star skillers in Fifa is rapidly growing. Ultimate team drove me crazy, so it'll be nice to have a light-hearted kick about on Fifa 19. It is a bit early for gameplay to be released but it is set to be the most unique football game of its kind and gamers can't wait!