D’oh Kick!

Ferro de General Pico have released their new Goal Keeper jersey and it is fantastic! Based on a meme from the globally loved series, The Simpsons. I'm sure you recognise Homer, you may not be as familiar with the club though. Ferro de General Pico are in the fourth tier of Argentinian football and have recently gained a lot of publicity regarding their unique fashion sense.

However, Ferro de General Pico aren't the only side to include cartoon characters on their kit. Japan's national side are to play at the World Cup this Summer and they also have made a special feature to their jersey. Capturing culture and character from the country and stamping it onto their kit.

Now, it isn't quite as vibrant as the Homer top. Nonetheless, it is a personal favourite out of the World Cup kits to be worn in Russia. Look closely at the numbers on the Japanese kits and see if you can spot the cartoon characters!