Carragher Flems at 14 Year Old Girl

During his playing days Jamie Carragher accumulated a reputation of being a savage defender, and sometimes that connotation carried on off the pitch. Since joining the Sky Sports team however, he has become a respected member of football punditry. The impression given by the former Liverpool defender in recent years, is that all the hot headed controversy has been left behind with his playing career. That was up until Saturday when his drive home from work took a turn for the worse.

Following Liverpool's 2-1 defeat at Old Trafford, Jamie was escaping Manchester as quickly as he could. This was when he crossed paths with two United fans in the car next to him. The two Mancuinions began to terrorise Carragher about the recent result between the two clubs. Both parties were exchanging words through the car windows, which were both rolled down. Never usually known for his accuracy in the past, he demonstrated his precision as he proceeded to spit at the vehicle next to him. The car now covered in saliva had a dad with his 14 year old daughter in the passenger seat.

Unfortunately for Jamie, he was completely unaware that the whole event was being recorded on the passengers phone. Realistically, what was a little bit of light hearted banter has turned into a big dilemma for the ‘face of Sky Sports Football.' Social media rightfully blew up when this video surfaced and in fairness to marksman, he did apologise to the family and even claimed he was ‘totally out of order.' I personally hope this doesn't effect his future with punditry, otherwise Gary Neville might get a bit lonely up in the studio.