Borussia Bolt

For the past week former Jamaican Olympian, Usain Bolt has gotten one step closer to his dream of being a professional footballer. German side, Borussia Dortmund have welcomed Usain to train with their first team. The sprinter proclaimed his passion for the game many years ago, and it’s no secret who is favourite football club is.

Over the years, Bolt has built a relationship with Manchester United, especially with United legend, Sir Alex. In 2012 he was even invited out onto the pitch at Old Trafford ahead of a Premier League fixture. At the time, fans believed this was the closest they would ever see Usain to an actually match. However, big news is circulating the football world right now. We may actually see the Eight time Olympic gold medalist play in European football.

Being titled as ‘the fastest man on the planet’ is something we only imagine in our wildest dreams. To then change sports and begin training with one of the most prestigious clubs in Europe is really something else. The 6’5 giant has more than just his speed to offer, he has power, agility and even a cheeky bit of skill as seen in this clip.